A sticker with “Half Studio”.

“Cou Cou Club”, and a waving hand emoji, on a sticker.

“És mesmo anjinho” (you’re such an angel!), and a drawing of an angel. A sticker.

Three stickers on a pole, three different faces.

A cartoony guy, sitting on a log, with a drink in his hand. Cowboy kinda thing. “Fky996”. A sticker.

A cat’s face contour, in shiny paper. A sticker.

“See life”, and a drawing of a fish. On a sticker.

A gun with a flower coming out of it. A sticker.

OBEY Giant, in red, by Shepard Fairey. A sticker on a traffic sign.

A happy red cloud giving us the finger, and the words “kiss my ass” next to it. It’s a sticker.

A beard with eyes for mouth. Sticker on a wall.

A sticker with “Mustique”, a dolphin, the sun, and three seagulls.

Blue leaves, yellow background.

A kawaii dog with headphones and a console controller pad. A sticker.

Photo of a kitten wearing a yellow hoodie, and a rubber duck sitting next to him.

Sticker with the drawing of an eye.

Lucky Neko with a skateboard.

“Quando los 90’s atacan”.

A cool design with a man with a bleeding heart, and what looks like a woman on his mind. Glued to a wall.

Face covered in black clothing, and a white mask. A sticker.