A head made of scribbles. A sticker.

A monkey wearing a beret, and green shades. He looks like he smoked something, and he’s flying high. It’s a sticker, not a real monkey, of course.

“church for everyone”.

Sticker with what looks like a Roman emperor’s head.


A sticker with eyes.

Two stickers, with two baby-faced characters. Text reads “More Coffee Please/ The Pocman” and “Apollo Records”.

“La Cacharra”, and a skull wearing shades, with palm trees on the forehead. A sticker.

Drawing of a striped balaclava, with a bird’s head on it. A sticker.

“Krystalize tooth gems”, and a woman with a smile. One of her teeth has a sparkle.

“da chick”

Sticker with a boombox, and the words “the only good system is a sound system”.

A sticker with a very strange monster. Many, MANY, eyes.

Long, pink, haired elf-like creature, with an extra eye on the forehead, fangs, bats on the hair, and ghosts on the eyes.  Hearts on the cheeks, and spider web sprinkled all over. A sticker.

A sticker with a drawing of a big thug, and some Japanese characters under that.

Sticker. A black and white photo of Pablo Escobar, holding a football ball, with the words “Plata o Plomo”.

Sticker with cartoon style design. A mouth with fangs, and blue lips. Beneath it a pair of legs, wearing red high heel shoes. The shoes have eyes on the straps.

“CHPO”, with rainbow colors going off into the distance. A sticker. On a window.

Two stickers on a motorcycle. One is the Yamaha logo, the other says “Get Weed”.

A sticker in classic American tattoo style, with a knife stuck on a hot dog. The words “die hungerkiller” in a banner.